How can we help you while studying in Spain?

With TheStudentSurvival Alares we will deal with everything that you might need during your stay in Spain. Do you need assistance finding an apartment, obtaining your health card or looking for a Spanish teacher? We can help! Let us make sure that you enjoy your experience by taking care of anything that you might need!

This package will allow you to survive during your stay in Spain

While living in Spain you are going to live all different kinds of experiences. You will learn a new language, culture, and discover new places! …Not everything will be easy, but…Keep Calm! We will be there for you every step of your new challenge!

Keep calm, because you can…

We provide help with all the paperwork: Passport requirements, European health card, residence contract, etc.


Call Your Assistant

Issues such as booking a room, finding an apartment or getting concert tickets will not be a problem anymore. As your personal concierge, we will solve any concern that you can possibly think off, no matter what it is.

Be Healthy

Call the doctor if you have any question or worries, order home delivery medicine whenever you need it or use our medical dental plan.


Be Safe and Be in touch

In case of being in trouble, we will assist you just by pressing the SOS button. We will also provide you with a Spanish SIM Card.

Be Legal

Call a lawyer if you have any legal questions in Spain.


A whole world of services

Services, which allow you to enjoy your experience in Spain to the fullest by taking care of all your needs. That will allow you to have a better time by solving not only essential but also uncomfortable issues that arise when arriving to a foreign country. In TheStudentSurvival , we are committed to increase the happiness of people. Have a look and see which services are offered.


TheStudentSurvival PACKAGES


  • My Assistant - Your Concierge 24H
  • Medicine Home Delivery (5 annual services)
  • Call the Doctor
  • Call the Lawyer
  • SOS Mobile Button
  • SIM Card
  • My Second Mum - Home Care
  • Dental Plan
  • Medical Network


149 €/year
  • My Assistant - Your Concierge 24H
  • Medicine Home Delivery (Unlimited)
  • Call the Doctor
  • Call the Lawyer
  • SOS Mobile Button (With personal assistance)
  • SIM Card
  • My Second Mum - Home Care
  • Dental Plan (40 Free dental acts)
  • Medical Network


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